The Ripple Effect

Jennifer Lane of Westville never imagined the ripple effect that would be created from what started out as a difficult conversation with her 10-year-old son, Carson. Because of some unfortunate circumstances in their life, Jennifer had to tell Carson that he would not be getting as much for Christmas this year.

Board of Directors

2018 Officers

Janet Ruckman, President
Ron Hoyne, Treasurer
Bianca Green, Secretary
Cheryl Van Ness, President Elect 
Marcellos Gray, Treasurer Elect

2018 Committee Chairs

Linda Danz, Advancement
Carl Hudson, Asset Management
Marcellos Gray, Audit
Bobby Walker, District Representatives
Janet Ruckman, Executive

Strategic Plan


During Cunningham’s 122 year history, our programs, and services have evolved to address our top priority-the needs of kids, especially those who are most vulnerable. That’s why our vision is straightforward. We want to see every child thrive. And our mission builds on that idea by stating that we want to nourish hope through effective solutions so children thrive and families flourish.


So proud to have one of our very own - Kristin Washington, a 2018 Circle of Courage recipient, featured as an "Angel Among Us" on WCIA News.

Festival of Quilts

The 14th Annual Festival of Quilts attracted more than 1,400 visitors and generated more than $71,000 for our kids. We thank you!

Mark your calendars now for next year's Festival: Friday-Saturday, April 5-6, 2019.

About the Festival: