Honor Gifts, July 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

Honor Gifts, July 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

Don Arnold
By Sandy Lu and Fred Newport

Samuel P. Banks
By Joan and Peter Hood

Jean Barnes
By Marilyn Smith

Doug Bauling
By Roscoe and Ann Pershing

Ruth Bloxam
By Decatur Grace UMC

Edward H. BonDurant
By Tom and Sharon BonDurant

Bonfield Grand Prairie UMW
By Carol Desch

Jack Burns
By Jim and Connie Boyle

Peggy Campo
By John and Shirley Goin

Killigay Crede
By Reverend George Youtzy and Fran Youtzy

The Crede Family
By Reverend George Youtzy and Fran Youtzy

Ann Cremeens
By Karen Schultz

Carol Cupples
By Emily and Darin Otte

In honor of Linda and Michael Danz’s 46th Wedding Anniversary
By Michael Danz

David Ealy
By Rosella and Bill Ray

Carolyn Eberhard
By Carolyn and Martin Eberhard

Judy Gamble
By Linda Peterson

The Grady Family - Carrie, Tom, Sean & Dylan
By Betty and Edward Kmoch

Phyllis Haas
By Jack and Gail Morrison

James Hahs
By Stephen Waterworth

Ruth Ann Hamilton
By Steven and Robin Read

Mary Ann Harvey
By Diana Harvey
By Doris Lee
By Phyllis Self

Ruth Hoppin’s 100th Birthday
By Drs. Donald and Elizabeth Greeley

Ingrid Hutchings
By Inga W. Giles

Patty Johansen
By Karen Anderson

Georgeann Jones
By Ruth Sommers

Kent King-Nobles
By Carl and Lori Holman

Edward Kmoch
By Phyllis Duff

Mascoutah and Farmer City Schools
By Janet and Michael Ruckman

Joan Miller
By Patricia Ann Mullins

Jean Murray
By Brenda and Drew Livingston

Evelyn B. Norris
By Mary Beth Norris

The O’Brien Family - Cath, Joe, Megan & Helen
By Betty and Edward Kmoch

Ted Odom
By Jerry and Monica Zachary

Diana Phillips
By Reverend Nancy Wood

Don Pittman
By Ruth Etherton
By Naomi Nuss

Bill and Ruth Plymire
By Peter Seagle and Miriam Berry-Seagle

Kelly Potts
By Charlene Potts

Edith Reynolds
By Linda Frye

Kellie Rios
By Doug and Karen Gladden

Jennifer Rohn
By Charles and Janice Rohn

Jo Sanders
By Faith Circle of Emmanuel Zion

Tom Schaefges
By Mary and Jerry Young

Karyl Schieler
By Linda and Doug Clough

Gretchen Sidell
By Joshua and Heather Robertson

Marjorie Stout
By Rick Decker

Kathy Torrance
By Macomb Wesley UMW

Jeff VanDyke
By Jim and Jane Jenkins

Bobby Walker
By Savoy UMW

Jeanne Ward
By Donna and Roger Apple
By Richard and Susan Schnuer

Harriett Weatherford
By E. Barbara Meyer

Kyle Wehrman
By Larry and Susan L. Wehrman

Sharon White
By Elinor White

Frances Williams
By Bill and Peggy Campo

Bruce Winter
By Jane and Greg Clark
By Jill Gengler

Carolyn Yockey
By Aimee Kandrac and Brett Yockey
By Duane Yockey