Celebrating United Methodist Women

Thanks to a wonderful volunteer and former employee, Pam Mathews, one of our storage closets has been neatly organized. In the midst of the cleaning, Pam discovered some great photographs from the early days of Cunningham Children's Home. Several of them remind me of the hundreds of amazing women who have served alongside our staff and prayed for our kids for the last 121 years. 

Lessons by the Campfire

Nathan couldn't wait to tell his Cunningham counselors about his week at summer camp. He especially loved the zip line, though it was a little scary at first, and he had lots of fun bouncing off a floating foam "lily pad" while swimming in the lake.

Smiling Eyes

When Tate first arrived at Cunningham, I couldn't help but focus on his angry eyes. But that's all changed. The first thing I notice now is his big grin. 

Tate's case manager recalls a 12 year old boy arriving at Cunningham Children's Home with a lack of trust, loads of anger, and invisible walls meant to separate himself from everyone else. Creating barriers was a coping mechanism that Tate knew how to use well.