Where Blessings Flow

You share in a greater purpose. As a part of the Cunningham family, you allow blessings to flow to youth who need hope and a place to call home. 
A Cunningham alumnus recently told her story in an email to staff. Here's what she said about coming to Cunningham:

Hope comes in all shapes and sizes

Can hope come in a tube? A can? You betcha! 
It even comes in a pair of socks and gift cards.
This fall, the wonderful United Methodist Women (UMW) from throughout the Illinois Great Rivers Conference (IGRC) blessed our kids with Hope Gifts which include things like toothpaste, deodorant, hand soap, lotion, towels and washcloths, gift cards and more. While these may seem like basic items, each represents so much more. 

Clean and Caring

With birthday money in hand Dakota stepped up to the cash register to buy sponges, towels, and buckets. This isn't the way a 19-year-old girl would normally spend her birthday money, but Dakota is a thoughtful, generous young woman. 

A True Homecoming

Cunningham Children's Home is celebrating an important milestone - 120 years of service to youth and families in need. On Sunday, July 26th, many alumni will be coming back to Cunningham to celebrate a place that offered them healing and hope. 

Online Quilt Auction

As you probably know, every child who comes to Cunningham is given a hand-made quilt to treasure. We celebrate this tradition every April at the Festival of Quilts. To continue in the spirit of the Festival, we are offering a few lovingly-made quilts available this summer in an online auction.