We See Progress

"Wake up, Shawna," Allison prompted. "Why don't you come play this game with us?" Shawna struggled to open her eyes as her head slumped down on the table in Cunningham's Recreation Center. Just a bit earlier, she'd been running around her classroom, jumping on top of chairs; but now the summer heat had stopped her in her tracks.

You Can't Scare Me, I Have Kids

The big block words on Kim's t-shirt say it all: YOU CAN'T SCARE ME, I HAVE KIDS. It's a phrase that speaks volumes for Kim and her husband, David.

Married for 12 years, with no children, but with plenty of love to give, Kim and David longed to be parents and knew they could provide a good home (and unconditional love) to children who needed both. David suggested foster care, and after much prayer and discussion with their immediate families, a decision was made five years ago. "Let's do it," said David.

Smiling Eyes

When Tate first arrived at Cunningham, I couldn't help but focus on his angry eyes. But that's all changed. The first thing I notice now is his big grin. 

Tate's case manager recalls a 12 year old boy arriving at Cunningham Children's Home with a lack of trust, loads of anger, and invisible walls meant to separate himself from everyone else. Creating barriers was a coping mechanism that Tate knew how to use well. 

Life Lessons in Lyrics

Sixteen-year-old Jarrod began writing furiously, requiring two separate pieces of paper to express his thoughts.  His emotions which centered on his relationship with his mother, and the abuse he endured, flowed feverishly onto the paper:
“You cried when I left you, but you didn’t do anything to prove that you cared…
You never listened…You went to prison, you got out, and you started again…

Humane Inspiration

Through Cunningham's Vocational Education program Naomi works at the Champaign County Humane Society, cleaning up after and caring for the cats one afternoon each week. She loves the days she's able to complete the necessary tasks ahead of schedule and gets to enjoy some time cuddling and playing with her furry friends.