Annual Kendall Gill Golf Benefit

Annual Kendall Gill Golf Benefit

About the Kendall Gill Golf Benefit:

Since 1989, former Illini basketball great and professional player, Kendall Gill, has gone above and beyond to support our youth.

In addition to making a significant gift to our Boys Group Home named in his honor, Kendall hosts a golf benefit each summer  to benefit the programs at Cunningham Children's Home. Each year at the event, Kendall is joined by his wife Wendy, and sons Phoenix and Kota.

Over the years, the Benefit has raised more than $600,000 for Cunningham youth. We are grateful for the support of friends and community members who have generously donated their time and resources in order to improve the lives of our kids.

Kendall says continuing to support Cunningham’s Boys Group Home through this Benefit means a chance at saving lives. Each time Kendall is in town, he makes sure to spend time with the youth who live there, shooting hoops and talking about their goals.

Become a Sponsor:

For additional information about becoming a sponsor, please contact Colleen Combes at 217.337.9058 or by email.

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