Hope Builders Breakfast

Hope Builders Breakfast

Welcoming our community.

We all live in community which requires us to know one another and care for one another. We recognize the importance of integrating our youth into the community around us, but we also want others to understand the work we do to positively impact lives.

So, in 2015, we developed the Hope Builders Breakfast for an opportunity to invite guests to our campus to learn more about us.

Cunningham is home to our kids so we try to be sensitive and respectful of their privacy. So these are special moments.

At the Hope Builders Breakfast, following a delicious breakfast, guests learn about our history, hear from our CEO Marlin Livingston, and are treated to a special speaker. Past speakers have included Misty, who received services from Cunningham's Independent Living Opportunity (ILO) program; Michael, a parent of one of our CIRCLE Academy students; and Martina, a former participant of our ILO program who had a desire to return to Parkland College to finish her degree and was afforded that opportunity after receiving scholarship funds from Cunningham.

Many of our guests also take advantage of the campus tour that we offer following the breakfast.