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Get ready for a career where you can make a difference and impact the lives of vulnerable youth. At our core, Cunningham Children's Home is about creating options, opening doors, and taking first steps.

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Cunningham has a variety of programs that serve different populations of youth and families in an array of settings. No matter what type of therapy services you’re interested in providing, Cunningham has something for you.


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We all want and need the same things, but we haven't all had the same opportunities. Cunningham Children's Home transforms lives by helping individuals reach their potential.

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Cunningham is an exemplary child welfare and educational services agency that provides caring support and therapeutic intervention to more than 846 children, youth, adults and families each year through comprehensive programs including residential treatment, special education and community-based services.

A place to call home

Through our residential services, a community converges to give hope to those who need it most—youth who suffer from serious emotional and behavioral challenges and autism spectrum disorders that have been caused by abuse, neglect, mental illness, and more. Our highly-skilled, caring professionals work to provide a therapeutic environment 24 hours a day, every day.

A good education

Cunningham offers three Special Education programs where youth experience life changing opportunities that help them develop the learning and coping skills they need to complete high school and become successful in our communities.

A safe community

Our agency continues to expand opportunities to care for youth, adults and families in our community including counseling expertise, providing linkages to individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, services to help runaway youth and short-term services, interventions and support to children and youth with emotional and/or behavioral problems identified as being at risk of being removed from their current homes.

Employee Health and Wellness

Employee health and wellness is a priority at Cunningham Children's Home. In 2017, Cunningham's Wellness Committee, comprised of our employees, kicked off the "Love Yourself" Employee Wellness Program and it was well received! With great participation, our employees learned a lot, made healthier choices and had a lot of fun.

Activities throughout the year include Wellness Wednesdays, the Love Yourself Smart Snacking Week, Employee Walking Challenge and Employee Appreciation Week which includes themes each day and concludes with the Employee Wellness Fair. In addition, Cunningham has partnered with local businesses to give employees weight loss options. Learn more.

Love Your Self!

"It feels so good when I'm able to break through the many walls our kids have put up. It gives me hope that they're learning to trust."

Milieu Coordinator;
with Cunningham since 2007


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This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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