Summer's Final Hours

Summer's Final Hours

It's the last few days of summer break at Cunningham and the kids are squeezing in every ounce of fun that they can. Last week, many of our youth took part in three fun-filled activities including Vacation Bible School (VBS), a field trip to the Indianapolis Zoo, and a softball clinic.

VBS took place during the early part of the week and focused on several of Jesus' teachings. Chaplains Gay and Melvin transformed the Chapel of Hope into the Sea of Galilee complete with a boat's outline, a sail, and blue waves around the stage representing the water. Here's a rundown of the lessons:

  • Day 1: the Chaplains taught our youth how Jesus called his disciples and told them he would train them to become fishers of men. 
  • Day 2: they taught how Jesus healed blind Bartimaeus and gave him sight. Each youth wore a blindfold until "Jesus" came to them to restore their sight. 
  • Day 3: the Chaplains shared the story of the disciples who were on a ship with Jesus when a furious storm arose. Jesus was sleeping. The disciples woke him because they were afraid. Jesus got up and calmed the wind and the waves. The youth learned that Jesus is with them in any storm and is able to calm down the situation and help them get through it.

Then on Thursday, a group of our kids took a field trip to Indianapolis to visit the zoo as part of their Special Therapy program. They enjoyed the dolphin show, the shark-touch pool, a ride on the zoo train, and personal interaction with a variety of exotic birds in the Flights of Fancy bird sanctuary.

On Friday, Bruce Winter returned for his annual softball clinic. Many of our girls spent a couple of hours learning the basic skills of softball, and just as important, participated in great conversations about perseverance and positive attitudes. Both attributes were on display throughout the clinic.

Our kids are able to enjoy these activities because of friends like you. Thank you!