What did people eat during the middle ages?

What did people eat during the middle ages?

Christopher, a 6th grader at Gerber School, explained that they ate pottage, which is similar to a vegetable stew, and medieval gingerbread, a spicy dessert. He said that wealthy nobles ate fish, bread, and fruit.

Christopher, one of several students in Jeanne Ward's class, has been learning about Medieval Times. Last week, the students hosted a history fair and invited peers and staff to see their projects.

Christopher was the greeter and tour guide. He created a catapult and explained that it was used for defending the castle during the War of the Roses, a 30-year battle over the throne of England. His friend, Otis dressed up in full armor with helmet, sword, and shield.

In addition to individual projects, the students spent two weeks turning back time by creating a blacksmith's shop and castle out of cardboard. The fair was a great way for Christopher and his classmates to get excited about history and share what they had learned.

*All stories are real, however names are changed and photos selected to protect the privacy of our youth.