Memorial Gifts, January 1, 2018 - June 30, 2018

Memorial Gifts, January 1, 2018 - June 30, 2018

Hannah Adams
By Sally and Jack Bicknell

Wayne Bock
By Billie Bock

Erma Bradford
By A.M. and Donald Bradford

Russell Carley
By Pat Roberts

James Cokel
By Ellen and Kent Poulter

Tim Crawford
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Mary Downing
By Middlefork UMW

Judy Duffy
By Marge Stout

Mildred Ferguson
By Carole Ferguson

Sybil Foster
By Marge Stout

Paul Hohenstein
By Marge Stout

Anita Holt
By C. Ann Kamp

Jerry Howard
By Louis and Donna Anderson
By Chris and Dave Batchelder
By Sue Byrd
By Sanish and Karla Carr
By Theresa Carton
By David and Judy Cooksey
By Joyce Culbertson
By Walt and Austine Dare
By Ed and Tonya Dunn
By Beverly and Patrick Dyrland
By Earlybird Feed & Fertilizer Co.
By Michael and Kim Elliott
By Sharon Elliott
By Rick and Deb Freed
By Wesley Graves
By Barbara Gresham
By Vickie and Curtis Harbach
By John and Susan Harrison
By Cloydia Hill Larimore
By Mark and Kim Howard
By Mary Howard
By Tiffany Hoyland
By James and Sheena Kight-Garlisch
By Jim and Joyce Klokkenga
By Stanley and Jennifer Koch
By Marilyn Litwiller
By Mary Ruth Lowry
By Louis and Erma Moehring
By Carol Moore
By Brenda Morehart
By Karen and Eric Naffziger
By Paula Naffziger
By Kent Patterson
By Fred and Benita Robinson
By Christine Ruskusky
By Jerry and Peggy Sauder
By Joe and Alice Slager
By Joseph and Shirley Springer
By Nancy and Dick Springer
By Roger and Verna Tice
By Marge Tuley
By Pam and Gary Walters
By April Wilson
By Tim and Missi Wolfe
By Beth Zimmer
By Janet and Bill Zimmer
By Kevin and Rhonda Zimmerman

Avonne Hoyne
By Mason and Carissa Schoolcraft

Mary Jeckel
By Krystal Fitzpatrick
By Herb Green
By Herb Guild of McLean County
By Cloydia Hill Larimore
By Leon Pollack
By John Rankin
By Rebecca Smith
By John Wallace and Mary Beth Jeckel

Mike Jones
By Reverend Cindy Jones

Mary Kersey
By William and Rosie Hire

Doris Lankford
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Jim Leonard
By Marge Stout

Robert Little
By Robert and Donna Little

Ethel McClellan
By Rosiclare UMW
By Shiloh United Methodist Church

Gary Miller
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Haroldine Musch
By Warren Musch

M. Elizabeth Natelbury
By Pamela J. Moore

Don Pittman
By Doug Anderson
By Kristin Baumgartner
By Allan Boehm
By William H. Brown
By Dudley and Tracy Buck
By Corky Burdette
By Cleo Burke
By Champaign Public Library Governing Board
By Charles Corray
By James Corray
By Judith Corray
By Florence Delaplane
By Gwen Ennen
By Pat Eyre
By Nancy Fielden
By Marilyn Ford
By Vicki and Alan Good
By William and Patricia Hamby
By Donald Hansen
By Reverend John Hauck and Judith Hauck
By John and Ann Healey
By Arlene Lanning
By Cloydia Hill Larimore
By Aletha Huston
By Carol Johnston
By Ed and Pauline Killen
By Annette and Chuck Lansford
By Roberta Lindstrand
By Elizabeth Mclean
By Cynthia and Alan Mullaney
By Doug and Janet Nelson
By James Palma
By Norma Pittman
By Richard L. Pittman Marine Corp League Detachment 1231
By Rosella and Bill Ray
By Judy Reinhart
By Fred and Jean Reiter
By Joyce Sandberg
By Leah and Franklin Schaede
By Teresa Selin
By Gregory Stock
By Robert Thorstenson
By Barbara and Gary Vance
By Janet and Martin Vance
By Elton Wagner II
By Mr. and Mrs. Don Ward
By Marilyn Whittaker
By Lois Winger Bodeen
By Jeffrey and Diane Wiss
By Joyce and Charles Wittler

Laura Pollock
By Henry and Susan Cronister

MIldred Richardson
By Jacksonville Wesley Chapel UMC

Margaret S. Roberts
By Marjorie and Steven Beilstein

Dorotha Russell
By Marilee Belanger
By Roberta and Gary Brucker
By Reverend Don Ferrill and Helen Ferrill
By Carol Mullis
By Ruffner Family Assoc
By Robert O. Russell

Paul Richard Shellabarger
By Suellen Alexander
By Richard and Mary Atchison
By Cathy and Stephen Crane
By Elaine Daniels
By Alicia and Douglas Delong
By James Dwyer
By Karen Dwyer
By David and Tabitha Elder
By Oliver Elder
By Cloydia Hill Larimore
By Charlotte A Kinkade
By Sandra Kranz
By Jean Landers
By Trudy Patterson
By Kathie Price
By Dolores and Joseph Shaw
By Marge Stout
By Sullivan First UMC

Cheryl Smith
By David and Mary Louise Bishop
By Stuart Mckneight
By Mary and Jack Pollitt
By Delmar Smith
By Nancy Snoke
By Alison and Warren Wolf

Roberta Sterrenberg
By Pamela Bork
By Douglass Financial Services
By Marilyn and Thomas Edwards
By Cloydia Hill Larimore
By Kathryn Honegger
By Michelle Jennings
By Piper City UMW
By Leigh Ann Sterrenberg
By Barbara Walker
By Carolyn and Duane Yockey

Lee Stone
By Marge Stout

James A. Sullivan
By Rachael Sullivan

Autumn Unruh
By Kroger 933 Front End Associates

Paul Vice
By Lillian Vice

Sarah G. Warnick
By Bill and Sharon Nunn

Dorothy Workman
By Bud Workman

Mary Yard
By Patricia Langenberg