Mission Day with Cunningham

First, the steady beat of a drum. Then a tambourine. Followed quickly by a cowbell and egg shakers. The sounds lifted through Cunningham's Gerber School on Saturday as youth and adults from six churches participated in our annual Mission Day with Cunningham. It was a chance for them to experience some of the therapeutic activities that are offered to Cunningham youth on a daily basis.

Fun Facts and the Festival of Quilts

To celebrate Cunningham's Festival of Quilts, which takes place April 10 and 11, we'd like to share some fun quilting facts: 
1. Visitors to the Festival enjoy both hand and machine-quilted pieces from antique to contemporary designs which are on loan for the quilt show. Are you proud of a favorite quilt you made? Want to display your grandmother's heirloom quilt? More information about showing your quilt can be found HERE.

"What does this mean to me?"

"What does this mean to me?"

It's a good question asked by a 19 year old who lives in Cunningham's Transitional Living (TL) home. She was one of about 15 youth who gathered to hear about Illinois Governor Rauner's proposed cuts to the State's budget which include elimination of all services to DCFS youth ages 18-21. 

That Higher Education Paper

"I'm going to be the one who 
makes mad paper (money)
Not that thug paper but 
that higher education paper
I'm not going like John Gotti but 
like Langston Hughes and Askia M. Touré"
              - An excerpt from a poem by Ricky, 
                 a youth in our Transitional Living program