Transitional Living

Transitional Living

The Transitional Living Program helps young people make the transition to adulthood.

Young people live in a boarding house environment with adult supervision serving males and females between the ages of 17 ½ to 21 who are in DCFS care. Participants are enrolled in high school, working toward completion of their GED through an alternative school program, or attending college. They are employed either independently or through our partnerships with community businesses.

Caseworkers and On-site Direct Care Staff are available for guidance and support with the ultimate goal of launching participants to independence or transitioning them to an independent living program.

Program Services

  • Therapy Services: Provided by Cunningham staff members who are clinically trained, master's level therapists under the supervision of licensed mental health professionals.
  • Independent Living Skills Training and Financial Assistance: Cunningham staff teach independent living skills including cooking, housekeeping, laundry, hygiene, money management, social skills, sexual education, tenancy issues, and basic legal skills. Cunningham provides monthly financial assistance to assist with some necessities.
  • Employment and Educational Assistance: Cunningham staff help program participants locate and maintain employment. Program participants also receive educational support to help them complete high school or obtain a GED, and attend college and/or receive vocational training.
  • Medical, Dental, and Recreational Opportunities: Accessed through community resources with the assistance of Cunningham Children's Home staff. A Cunningham staff nurse is available to give guidance in health and safety issues.
For more information on admission and intake into the Transitional Living program at Cunningham click here