Education Services

Education Services

The best care and education

Through the programs and services at Cunningham, youth experience life changing opportunities which help them develop the learning and coping skills they need to complete high school and become successful in our communities.
Through the generosity of our supporters, Cunningham offers three Special Education programs:

Gerber Education Program provides therapeutic special education to youth in our Residential Treatment program. The curriculum varies based on each student’s needs.

Cunningham Children’s Home provides a home and education for 60 youth living in the Residential Treatment Center.  While at Cunningham these young people, typically between the ages of 9 and 17, attend Gerber located in the Noel Education Center on the Urbana campus.  Classes in the school are, by design, small and have a high teacher-to-student ratio to meet the individual attention required of each student. Highly-skilled special education teachers and teaching assistants work as a team with residential program therapists and staff to coordinate educational support for our kids.

CIRCLE Academy Education Programs in Urbana and Rossville provide special education and day treatment to students who are referred by their local school district.

Youth who attend our CIRCLE Academy in Urbana and Rossville live with their families in surrounding communities. They have unique behavioral and emotional challenges which have prevented them from being successful in a public school environment. Our therapeutic education model identifies the individual needs and strengths of each student and builds on those strengths, both academically and behaviorally.

The Noel Education Center (NEC), is paving the way for a bright future, both for the youth we serve and our staff. This building gives us the opportunity to provide the highest quality, and most effective and appropriate educational environment possible to meet their unique needs.

The 50,100 square foot NEC was designed to allow for our several programs and services to operate under one roof. This reduces transition time between classes and other activities and increase safety and collaboration among our staff.