Big dreams need big dreamers

Big dreams need big dreamers

What a joyous event it was when over 50 big dreamers gathered on our campus August 10, 2023 to dedicate a new and exciting sudent-led employment opportunity through our vocational options program.

After months of planning, fundraising, remodeling and barista training, Ms. Bonnie’s Cup of Hope has launched!

Nearly two years ago, Cunningham leadership had a dream to create an on-site vocational training center where Cunningham youth could learn practical work and life skills in a real workplace environment. A small coffee shop, named Cup of Hope, was created utilizing a newly vacated space on campus. But as the new venture got underway, potential for something even bigger was realized and soon, the dream began to grow.

A plan was developed that took the dream from a "concession stand" feel to a real coffee shop. With this bigger dream, our students would have the opportunity to learn small business strategies, financial literacy, build valuable work habits and gain hands-on customer service experience.

But achieving such a dream required other big dreamers as well—dreamers who could see the potential and impact this project would have on the lives of our youth.

Cunningham supporters Vic and Bonnie Buraglio led the way. The Buraglios have supported programs at Cunningham Children’s Home for many years and in many ways. Because of their personal history of owning and operating multiple grocery stores, they were especially interested in a vocational education program that would help young people prepare for a successful work life.

Vic and Bonnie loved the concept of the Cup of Hope and what it could do for our youth. They made a significant lead gift to get the project off the ground. In honor of their commitment, and at Vic’s request, Bonnie Buraglio was surprised and touched when, in early August, she learned the new name of the coffee shop would be Ms. Bonnie’s Cup of Hope.

The Buraglios are joined by nearly 90 others, including longtime donors, United Women in Faith, churches, community organizations and Cunningham staff, who also made gifts to see a big dream come alive. We are so grateful to Vic, Bonnie and all of our generous contributors.

Now, the coffee is brewing. And while Ms. Bonnie’s Cup of Hope is not open to the public, to protect the privacy and safety of our youth, it is a place our staff can gather and bring their guests to enjoy. Most importantly, it is a place where our youth can serve up their own dreams…one cup at a time!