Circle of Courage Award Honorees 2016

Circle of Courage Award Honorees 2016

Kawonda Jones - Belonging
Kyle McKay – Independence
Ed Waldmire – Mastery
Gay King Crede - Generosity
The Circle of Courage Award recognizes the dedication and service of outstanding long-term employees, celebrates staff whose long-term pattern of performance goes above and beyond normal expectations, and offers special recognition for exceptional acts that reflect belonging, mastery, generosity, or independence.  
Celebrating Previous Circle of Courage Winners - The Circle of Courage Awards have honored 33 exceptional staff members since 2005.  
Congratulations to all of our Circle of Courage Award Winners:
Glenn Carter (Gerber School)
Mike Fred (CIRCLE Academy)
D'Andrea Giddens-Jones (Human Resources)
Russ Mullett (Residential Treatment)
Patty Sharp (Independent & Transitional Living)
Stephanie Lynge (Public Relations)
Jill Miller (Independent Living)
Shawn Peterson (Quality Improvement)
Dottie Wolgemuth (Nursing)
Melanie Bailey (Intake / Admissions)
Mike Lard (Maintenance)
Alonzo Smith (Residential Treatment)
Sandy Ratliff (Residential Treatment)
Debbie Tiger (Special Therapies)
Jeanne Ward (Gerber School)
Penne Bishop (Intake / Admissions, ILO / TLP)
Greg Morrow (Gerber School)
Amy Fellers (Goodman)
John Skillings (Transitional Living)
Michael Shannon (CIRCLE Academy)
Hannah Penny Chillis (CIRCLE Academy)
Keith Butler (Boy's Group Home)
Nancy Bellmore (Accounting)
Amanda Hamilton (Transitional Living Program)
Jamey Bailey (Cornerstone)
Cicily White (Girl's Group Home)
Regina Pruitt (Gerber School)
Marie Duffin (Foster Care)
Paula Abdullah (Health Services Nurse)
Todd Wagner (Girls Group Home )
Tracy Ideus (Quality Improvement) 
Mary Garman (Vocational Education)
Angie Bertauski-Pierce (Community Services ILO/TLP)
Arnold Chattic (Therapeutic Foster Care)
Denise Wilson (CIRCLE Academy) 
Kim Keaton (Jedi)
Pam Mathews (Gerber)

Mary Schrorer (Community Services)
Amy Skillings (Residential Treatment Center)
Alan Oathout (Human Resources)
Caleb Billingsley (Vocational Education)


Kawonda Jones (Boys Group Home)
Kyle McKay (Vocational Education)
Ed Waldmire (Information Technology)
Gay King Crede (Chaplancy)

Thank you all for doing your very best to provide outstanding service, love, and support for every single Cunningham youth.