Cunningham Children’s Home Noted for Excellence

Cunningham Children’s Home Noted for Excellence

(June 30, 2021)

Cunningham Children’s Home has been awarded EAGLE reaccreditation by the EAGLE Accreditation Commission. EAGLE is the only faith-based accreditation program in the United States and is managed by the United Methodist Association of Health and Welfare Ministries (UMA).

“Cunningham’s governing board, management and employees are to be commended for their commitment to excellence earning EAGLE reaccreditation,” said Emily Robbearts, Director of EAGLE Accreditation.

What is EAGLE and why is its accreditation important to Cunningham?  EAGLE stands for Educational Assessment Guidelines Leading toward Excellence. The primary emphasis of EAGLE accreditation is on excellence in Christian ministry, with a focus on how applicant organizations incorporate their Christian mission, religious heritage, and values throughout the organization and its daily operations. Other areas of importance include focusing on results and outcomes, striving to improve, meeting legal and regulatory requirements, and ensuring privacy, accuracy, accessibility and confidentiality of both client and staff data and information.

For Cunningham, this is official recognition that we’re doing things right and achieving our mission to nourish hope through effective solutions so children thrive and families flourish, despite the changing child welfare environment while providing care and vital services in the midst of a pandemic. 

EAGLE is based on a set of 10 principles that guide the operation and delivery of quality care and services and the accreditation process has three major components: Self Study – organizational excellence is best motivated by introspective self-assessment, Peer Review Site Visit – external verifications should be conducted by trained and experienced peer professionals, and Commission Decision – organizations best respond to written assessment reports that clearly document Commendations and Opportunities for Improvement. 

“It's been a remarkable year and yet we accomplished so much,” Cunningham President and CEO Marlin Livingston said. “Thank you for your continued unwavering commitment to our vision and values.”