Guardian Parent Giving Program

Guardian Parent Giving Program

“Being here at Cunningham, this has become my family...” - 17-year-old Kayla


“Thank you so much for taking care of me when no one else wanted to. Thank you for taking me to the Casting Crowns and Garth Brooks concerts. You guys made me love this place. It’s because of you guys that made me the great man I am today...” - 20-year-old Collin



  • Regular Meals
  • Clean Clothes
  • Safe Bed
  • Supportive Family

Are these some of the things you expect a parent to provide? Like the well-known Food Pyramid, this list represents the basics we know all children need. Guardian Parents provide these things for kids who haven’t been so fortunate. In addition, Guardian Parents offer much more like going to a movie, a trip to the zoo, a special birthday party or a Christmas to remember. Guardian Parents step in where real parents have not wanted or been able to provide these necessities and special moments.


YOU can BE A Guardian Parent

  • YOU provide an easy monthly contribution.
  • WE add state funding for supervision and extensive therapeutic care.
  • CUNNIINGHAM kids heal, learn and grow in a loving and supporting environment.



Cunningham is an exemplary child welfare and educational services agency that provides caring support and therapeutic intervention to more than 520 children, youth, young adults, and their families each year. Cunningham offers...

  • Residential Services that include 24-hour supervision and counseling by trained professionals to approximately 60 youth in our care
  • Three Special Education programs
  • Community Services that includes counseling expertise directly to individuals-mainly youth and families-inthe community who are experiencing difficult life situations
While we receive state funding to support all of our services, that support annually leaves us short $1.2 million, equating to $37 daily per child.


What YOU Can Do TODAY 

  • A “Regular Payment” for reliable care… Consider helping one or more of our kids. An automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account is convenient. Any amount you choose will help. Just $37 per month would offset a day’s shortfall for one child.
  • See the Guardian Parent commitment form for more details on setting up your automatic withdrawal or other payment options. You will feel the rewards of helping a child, and if you can double or triple the amount, it will double or triple the benefit for children at Cunningham!

For more information, please contact: Tim Manard at (217) 337-9071 or by email.


Guardian Parent Giving Program brochure


"Lori and I are grateful for the opportunity that Cunningham Children’s Home gives us to take part in so many young lives the Children’s Home touches. Through the Guardian Parent Giving Program, we only had to set up a recurring withdrawal that comes out of our bank account once a month."   

-- Jon Yelenick, Watseka, IL

"I feel like I’m helping them have experiences all kids should have, like my kids did; things like sports programs, birthday parties, music lessons, field trips, and summer camp."  

-- Linda Danz, Pekin, IL