Somebody's hero

Staci has a lot on her plate. A single mother, she is the primary caregiver for her two children with special needs and her elderly parents who live with them. When Staci sought services at HopeSprings Counseling Services for her son, Jacob,* she did not realize how much her own life would change. Once skeptical for hope, she now sees there is light in the darkness.

Winning the Game of Life

While healing is hard, 13-year-old Bobby* has found a way to do it using his creativity. The young man who works with Brooke, one of our Clinical Therapists at HopeSprings Counseling Services, likes doing hands-on activities during therapy so he worked with his biological mother during family therapy to create a therapeutic board game called “Froggy Family.”

You Can't Scare Me, I Have Kids

The big block words on Kim's t-shirt say it all: YOU CAN'T SCARE ME, I HAVE KIDS. It's a phrase that speaks volumes for Kim and her husband, David.

Married for 12 years, with no children, but with plenty of love to give, Kim and David longed to be parents and knew they could provide a good home (and unconditional love) to children who needed both. David suggested foster care, and after much prayer and discussion with their immediate families, a decision was made five years ago. "Let's do it," said David.