Leading with music

On Wednesdays, following the final school bell at the Noel Education Center, a collection of excited students strolls into the chapel at the Spiritual Life Center. Soon after, the space is filled with activity and music.

While the pandemic put a lot of things on hold, the desire to build a community around music was not one of them. And, for the first time since 2019, choir started back up at Cunningham this school year, giving our youth the opportunity to perform at the annual Board Day luncheon and the residential Christmas program.

Honoring his wish

The gift-giving season can be stressful and when you have 807 youth and families to "shop" for, you start early.

At Cunningham, this process starts in October with the filling out of wish lists. Cason*, a student from CIRCLE Academy, our therapeutic day school, completed his wish list with the help of Ms. Kinnett. Listed were any shirt, socks, fidget toys, string and coloring materials.

Drummer Boy

Sixteen-year-old Myles* was clearly in a bad mood when he arrived for Drum Circle in the music room at the Noel Education Center. Myles had been going through a major depression and hadn’t been engaging in much, but Drum Circle was a weekly therapy he enjoyed.