New year, new beginnings

"You could immediately see the tears of joy streaming down Peter’s face," Kandis said. "He never gave up hope. Even when we didn’t think it was possible he would be able to return home, he never doubted. At Cunningham Children’s Home, sometimes the impossible can be possible."

His real reward

Hope…it is the light in all of us that can’t be extinguished. It rages on to give us a glimmer of what we can do and of who we can become because hope fuels opportunity.

So much opportunity, like for Ivan.* The 13-year-old loves sports and Cunningham’s Special Therapies team provides him, and all of our residential youth, opportunities every season to work with skills groups and practice with teams.

Jeremy's joy

BROOOOOKKKKEEEE! BROOOOKKKEEE! WHERE IS BROOKE?!" echoed loudly throughout the lobby of the Spiritual Life Center one afternoon.

It was obvious by his yelling that Jeremy* was anxious to find his friend Brooke, Associate Director of Advancement, and Chaplain Gay quickly pointed him in the direction of her office.

Somebody's hero

Staci has a lot on her plate. A single mother, she is the primary caregiver for her two children with special needs and her elderly parents who live with them. When Staci sought services at HopeSprings Counseling Services for her son, Jacob,* she did not realize how much her own life would change. Once skeptical for hope, she now sees there is light in the darkness.