Welcome to Paradise

Everything about Kathryne Brown’s classroom appears inviting. A window display welcomes each student into “Paradise” and once inside, the large classroom, bright colors, clearly posted rules, and flexible seating offer a sense of comfort that’s particularly important for our kids.

The Heart of It All

Johnco, Inc., Construction Supervisor Scott Saunders didn’t quite get the reaction he was expecting when he gave the Cunningham kitchen staff a tour of the space that will soon be the kitchen and cafeteria in the Education and Recreation Center (ERC).

“Some of them actually cried,” he said.

All those years of serving meals to Cunningham kids from an outdated and tired kitchen are coming to a close. But the tears weren’t about that; the tears were about having a facility where they can better help our kids grow and be healthy and live better lives.

Now Performing...

Billy* was feeling both excited and anxious. The annual talent show has always been a highly anticipated end of the school year event at Cunningham and for the first time he had signed up to perform. He had practiced and practiced his own rendition of Lee Greenwood’s classic “God Bless the USA” and now it was time to take the stage.