Drummer Boy

Sixteen-year-old Myles* was clearly in a bad mood when he arrived for Drum Circle in the music room at the Noel Education Center. Myles had been going through a major depression and hadn’t been engaging in much, but Drum Circle was a weekly therapy he enjoyed.

Shining Light

In art class, our students created designs using repoussé, a metalworking technique in which a tin sheet of metal (our kids used tin foil) is shaped and hammered from the reverse side to create a design. The assignment was to incorporate symbols that had personal meaning to them and would help tell their story.

New year, new beginnings

"You could immediately see the tears of joy streaming down Peter’s face," Kandis said. "He never gave up hope. Even when we didn’t think it was possible he would be able to return home, he never doubted. At Cunningham Children’s Home, sometimes the impossible can be possible."