special therapies

special therapies

Drummer Boy

Sixteen-year-old Myles* was clearly in a bad mood when he arrived for Drum Circle in the music room at the Noel Education Center. Myles had been going through a major depression and hadn’t been engaging in much, but Drum Circle was a weekly therapy he enjoyed.

Wise Inside

Yoga mats were rolled out onto the floor. The lights were low but flameless candles flickered in the center of the room. And the faint scent of lavender hung in the air. Fifteen-year-old Danielle* had just finished a Wise Inside yoga session at Cunningham Children’s Home and was feeling really good.


Libby* sat on the bench with her arms folded and her head down. It was her first game as a member of Cunningham’s girls’ basketball team and while it was just the first half, she was frustrated with herself because she hadn’t scored.

“I don’t feel like I’m helping the team at all,” she told her coach.