It All Adds Up

Mr. Finn was ready for the first day of school this year. He organized his classroom, neatly lining the classroom shelves with the interactive learning tools that are intended to make learning easy and fun; algebra tiles, math mystery riddles and pizza fraction fun.

Eyes Are Constantly On Us

On a recent Monday evening, I pulled on to the Cunningham campus after a spending the day visiting with some of our friends and supporters in the northern part of Illinois Great Rivers Conference.  As usual, it was a very satisfying day sharing stories about our kids at Cunningham with people who care deeply about them.  But it was also a tiring day.  Just two days before, I had made a quick trip to St. Paul, Minnesota and back to see family so I'd seen plenty of windshield time for awhile.

The Chicken Lady

At Cunningham Children's Home, everybody knows the Chicken Lady. Yes, you read it right, the Chicken Lady. Since 2009, Naneen (Nani) Baker has lived in a home that backs up to Cunningham's property and she has chickens in her backyard ... lots of them. How many you ask?

Cunningham Children's Home Honors Employees

Cunningham Children’s Home honored four employees for their significant contributions to the organization in a ceremony on March 30.

The Circle of Courage Award recognizes the dedication and service of outstanding long-term employees, celebrates staff whose long-term pattern of performance goes above and beyond normal expectations, and offers special recognition for exceptional acts that reflect the agency’s program model.