2017 Guardian Parents List

2017 Guardian Parents List

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." - Margaret Mead


Paula Abdullah
Kellie Adams
Angela Adams-Martin
Tom and Kara Ade
Mary Ann Alexander
Carlyn and Phillip Anders
Jan Anderson
Casey Andrew
Patsy Andrus
Stephen and Carole Arney
Larry Ashley
Linda Ayers


Karen and Daniel Baker
Samuel and Maureen Banks
Jean Barnes
Veda Barrett
Beth Bartholomew
Doug and Mary Bauling
Edith and Paul Beach
Norma H. Bean
Joan Behle
Nancy Bellmore
Nancy Beveridge
Pat Birlingmair
Ronald Black
Dicksie R Blankenship
Billie Bock
Paula Bohleber
Jan and Scott Booraem
Krista and Tim Borbely
Pam Bowsher
Janet Boyer
Barbara and Richard Brake
Marcia Brelsfoard
Bonnie Brines
Dorothy Brockett
Reverend Karol Brown
Mary Bruun
Jack and Marilyn Burns
Steven Burns
Roger and Sara Burrus
Cissy Buskirk
Keith Butler


Chris Carr
Jan Carter Black
Allison Chrisman
Richard and Anna Marie Chrisman
Peggy Christensen
Clark and Wilma Christiansen
Gail Coffman
Linda Colwell
Karen Cooley
Sue and Ronnie Coons
John and Peggy Cope
Janet L. Corsaro
Ruth L. Cortright
Maxine Crawford
Reverends Gay and Dan King Crede
Arlene Crichton
Henry and Susan Cronister, Sr.
Kim and Joseph Crump
Sherri Cummins
Carol and Bill Cupples
Audrey and Lyle Curtis


Bernice Dallas
David  Daniel
Michael and Linda Danz
Kristen Dean-Grossmann and Brent Grossmann
Sue Dehart
Linda Denton
Frances and Ben Dillard
Paloma and Harlan Dillon
Arlone Doan
Michael and Vickie Donoho
Juliette Dorsett
Helen DuFour


Pat Ege
Anne Ehrlich
Carol and Tremon Ellegood
Dorothy Emory
Pat Eyre


Kay Fisher
Gloria Foley
Gladys Foote
Margaret J. Ford
Melba and Jim Funk


Dixie Stewart Gage
Susan Gallois
Sharon Gardner
Ilona Gillan
Erin Gilligan
Jeff and Julia Gladu
Deborah Graeber
Billie Gulledge
Ruth S. Guynn


Phyllis and Ralph Haas
Jay and Tracy Hageman
Paulette Hale
Linda and Nick Hamm
Grace Hansen
Shirley Harder
Victoria Hart
Joanne Hartenbower
Mary Ann and Steve Harvey
Susan and Ned Hawbecker
Elmer C. Hawkins
Don Haworth
Bruce and Mary Ann Hecht
Leslie Henry
Cathy Henschen and Carolyn Leach
Dee Hermanson
Elaine and Max Hershbarger
Dot Heuman
Michael and Cheryl Hilgenberg
Duane and Barbara Hill
Leon and Jean Hinton
Paul and Abby Hobbs
Bud and Deb Hobbs
Shelly Hoffman
Gary and Patty Hofmann
Dan and Pam Holmer
Winifred Horney
Jerry and Mary Howard
Ron and Pam Hoyne
Teedra and Rick Hudson
Sue Huntley
Marilyn and George Hurd
Freida and Floyd Hyde


Reverend Dr. Phillip and Judith Icenogle


Helen and Jerry Jahn
Cari James
Mary Jeckel
Jane and Jim Jenkins
Nancy Jennings
Sara Zimmerman Jerome
Sharon L Johnson
Carolyn Johnston
Sharla Jolly
Bob and Bev Jones
Caroline Jones
Donald and Darlene Jones
Ben and Georgeann Jones
Shirley Judy


Sam and Helen Kershaw
Murl and Rhonda Kimmel
Ann and Bob King
Mary Carroll King
Dorothy Kipling
Deborah and Bill Klein
Betty and Edward Kmoch
Carrie Kmoch and Tom Grady


Cloydia and Rick Larimore
Ardis and Larry Larvick
Joe and Diane Lecher
Janet and William Lewis
Kelly Lindley
Roberta B. Lindstrand
David and Cindy Line
Marlin and Denise Livingston
Johnnie M. Locker
Stephanie B. Lynge


Tim Manard
Augusta Mansfield
Tom and Deborah Maranville
Marilyn Markus
Denise and Kim Martin
Julie Marx
Oleta Massie
Tim and Kathy Mast
Pam Mathews
Dick and Janis Maxwell
Lila McCulley
Thelma McCulley
Elissa McGlaughlin
Yvette McGraw
Betty McKanna
Ginger McKee
Virginia McQuistion
Kip and Karen Mecum
Mildred Medlin
Marilyn Mendenhall
Mary J. Metzger-Harris
James and Jane Miller
Jan Miller
Joan Miller
William A. Moore
Martha and Marvin Morgan
Vanessa and Kevin Morris
Nancy and Steve Moser


Charles and Kate Nadolski
Marilyn and Glenn Napier
Joan Neef
Carol Lee Newlin
Dottie Nickell
Reverend Melvin Nielsen and Debbie Nielsen
Jim and Sharon Niksch
Paul and Carol Nornholm


Marilyn A O'Flaherty
Bertha Osterman
Kathryn and Bruce Oye


Myron and Marion Panozzo
Norma Patterson
Mark Peecher
Rebecca Pentecost
Maggie Perry
Roscoe and Ann Pershing
Jan and John Phipps
Don and Norma Pittman
Kenneth and Judy Ponton
Gene and Brenda Pride


Rosella and William Ray
Janfer Reeves
Rich Richardson
Katie Riddle
Janice and Dale Ridgway
Yvonne and Duane Rieder
Jeanette Riggs
Gretchen Robbins
Kim Robbins
Jo and Andy Rohn
John and Andrea Ruedi
David and Rebecca Ryherd


Jo and Michael Sanders
Linda Schneider
Lale and Michael Schram
Robin and John Scott
Ann M. Seidman
Mike Shannon
Don and Jan Sheesley
Richard and Joyce Shellabarger
Danielle Sheppard
Donna and Bill Sherfey
Mary and Donald Sherman
Carole D. Shirely
Betty Jean Shive
Bessie Slifer
Cheryl and Delmar Smith
Marilyn and Don Smith
Sally and Clifford Smith
Schaffe Smith
Donna Snider
Beverly and John Spets
Kyle and Alice Spitzer
Jolece Sprout
Roberta Sterrenberg
Betty Stoltz
Marge Stout


David Taylor
John and Terry Thies
Sylvia Thomas
Suzanne Thompson
Shirley Thornton
Patrick and Julie Tomlinson
Harriet Topliff
Chet and Lynn Travis
Bettie Tucker and Raymond Tucker
Brenda L Tucker
Sue Turner


Reverend Paul Unger and Judith Unger


Cheryl Van Ness
Ronald and Jeanne Vance
Tina and Craig VanDeveer
Joan Volkmann and John Jones


Tina M. Walke
Bobby and Charles Walker
Kathy Walsh
Jeanne and Thomas Ward
Rhonda and James Whitaker
Bobbie Jo White
Janet Whittington
Alice Wiedrich
Ron and Melinda Wilcox
Judith Williams
Eugene and Nancy Williams
Patricia Williams
Don and Jan Wills
Dorothy Wilson
Mariam Winans
Joan and Michael Wingo
Bruce and Alicia Winter
Haley Wright


Jon and Lori Yelenick
Carolyn L Yockey
Olga Young