Honor Gifts, January 1, 2019 - June 30, 2019

Honor Gifts, January 1, 2019 - June 30, 2019

Don Arnold
By Sandy Lu and Fred Newport

Sandy Cooper
By Jeanne and Thomas Ward

Nico Berns
By Paul and Marta Berns

Kelligay Crede
By Tom and Joyce Hein
By Reverend George Youtzy and Fran Youtzy

Linda Danz
By Anne and Dale Messmore

Pam Denby
By David and Sheila Denby

Gary Denzer
By Farm Credit Services

Inga W. Giles
By Ingrid and Bruce Hutchings

Lou Henson
By Bob and Sherry Steigmann

Ingrid Hutchings
By Inga W. Giles

Carol Kessler
By Janet and Danny Kirk

Patty King
By Larry and Sue Hattabaugh

Betty Kmoch
By Ann Pershing

Dick McGuire
By Kathy Anderson

Joan Miller
By Patricia Ann Mullins
By Bessie Slifer

Ronald Miller
By Joan Miller

Harold Moe
By Harold Moe and Carol Moe

Warren Rittenhouse
By Roy Van Buskirk

Priscilla Roeder
By Frank Roeder

Effie Snyder
By Sybil Phillips

Robert Steigmann
By Reverend Donald E. Walden

Kim Vunesky
By Lebanon First UMC

Helen Woods
By Robert Ficklin