Honor Gifts, September 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

Honor Gifts, September 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

Cathy Agasar
By Sue and Ronnie Coons

Samuel P. Banks
By Joan and Peter Hood

Sally Bicknell
By Sally and Jack Bicknell

Erin Block
By Brian Fulling

Carol Bond
By Bernie and Neal Chamberlain
By Anne and Jasper McKenney

Edward H. BonDurant
By Thomas and Sharon BonDurant

Joy Brigstock
By Cheryl Walters

Reverend Kim Burke
By Normal First UMW

Erin Cameron
By Eileen Benson

Shelley A. Campbell
By Barb Geissler

Sandra Campbell
By Rachelle Williams

Katy Carlson
By Lana Stimpert

Judith Carmer
By Craig Carmer

Tab Carmien and Tonya
By Helen Carmien

Louella Christensen
By Marilyn Yakel

Chuck Cookson
By Nicholas Stirrett

Chip Coons
By Sue and Ronnie Coons

Gay Crede
By Reverend Janet Eggleston
By Jean Peters
By Reverend Cindy Rettig

Kenneth Crede
By Stephen and Susan Estoye

Ann Cremeens
By Karen and Ed Schultz

John David
By Nancy Jo Merz

Pam Denby
By David and Sheila Denby

Robert Denler
By Robert and Miranda Denler

Peter Donohue
By Helen Carmien

David Ealy
By Rosella Ray

Margaret J. Ford
By David Ford

Kathryn Garrison
By Gregory and Margaret Stanton

Kathy Gee
By Kathy Gee

Inga W. Giles
By Ingrid and Bruce Hutchings

Kendall Gill
By Julie Thomas

Phyllis Haas
By Gail and Jack Morrison
By Diane and Tom Twork

Dustin Harris
By Sue and Ronnie Coons

Mary Ann Harvey
By Clinton Conway

Mary Henson
By Nancy and Jim Bell

Mary Hodgson
By Don and Jan Wills

Deborah Honegger
By Don and Jan Wills

Ingrid Hutchings
By Inga W. Giles

Jacksonville Centenary UMC
By Jerry and Rhoda Walker

Faye Kershaw
By Maxine Crawford

Sue Kiddoo
By Diane and Stephen Kiddoo

Rev. Kathy King-Nobles
By Normal First UMW

Rev. Kent King-Nobles
By Normal First UMW

Janet Kirk
By Abby and Adam Emling

Tom Lagomarcino
By Rhonda and Kurt Kesler

Brenda Lane
By LaMoine River District UMW

Vic and Tracey Malkovich
By Donald E. Walden

Tammy and Mike Marry
By Helen Carmien

Joan Miller
By Patricia Ann Mullins

Ginger Mills
By Patricia Jensen
By Steve and Cindy Tarrant

Patricia A. Mullins
By Joan Miller

Sandy L. Newport
By Mary K. Arnold

Ian Niccum
By Jan Niccum

Evelyn B. Norris
By Mary Beth Norris

Norma Pittman
By Loda UMC

J.W. B. Poorman
By Bill Stein

Jan Powers
By Linda Hascall

Gerrie Rein
By Mark Rein

Edith Reynolds
By Linda Frye

Virginia Riggins
By Christine Buckstead
By Margaret Gardner

Caryl Rine
By Sheila and Cecil Griffith

Matt, Krissy and Nora
By Marcus Robinson

Jennifer Rohn
By Charlie and Janice Rohn

Russell Rosenberger
By Reverend Donald E. Walden

Dick Ross
By Sharon Ross

Sharon Ross
By Dick Ross
By Carrie Stone

Karyl Schieler
By Linda and Doug Clough

Mackenzie Sindelar and Vince Van Nes
By Dick and Jenene Norton

Marilyn Smith
By Susan Smith

Marjorie Stout
By Rick Decker

Phil Trego
By William Matthews

Cheryl S. Van Ness
By Carol Jepsen

Jana Waite
By JoAnn Warnes

Evelyn Wells
By JoAnn Warnes

Chuck White
By Angie Bergner

Alice Wiedrich
By Dru Smith

Bruce Winter
By Carolyn and Martin Eberhard

Helen L. Woods
By Robert Jordan Ficklin

Carolyn L. Yockey
By Brett Yockey and Aimee Kandrac
By Duane Yockey

June Yoder
By Don and Jan Wills