Memorial Gifts, January 1, 2019 - June 30, 2019

Memorial Gifts, January 1, 2019 - June 30, 2019

Shain Patrick Andel
By Diane Ortiz

Loralice Blakeley
By Joanne Mayes

Elsie Clover
By Elaine Byers

James Cokel
By Ellen and Kent Poulter

Kaye Crawford
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Arlene Crichton
By Bank of Pontiac
By Shirley and Robert Carroll
By Marcia Cox
By Lydia Selby

Gladys Ellen Moore Cronister
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Naomi R. Davidson
By Michael Korunka

Bill Dyer
By Morgan and Brenda Lynge
By Carol Mauck
By Ellen and Lowell Mennenga
By Edgar and Ann Neely
By Edgar and Ann Neely
By Ann Pershing
By Brian and Anna Bremer

Peggy Eddington
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Paul and Dorothy Ege
By Dean and Sharon Ege

Allan Faulkner
By Marilyn Faulkner

Mary Garman
By John and Cindy McGinness

Richard Forney
By Bernice Forney

Jay Hageman
By Gretchen Robbins
By Barbara Zurich

Norma Haworth
By Don Haworth

Carol Henry
By Sherry Talbott

Dona H. Howe Amdor
By Sharon Abner
By DHR International
By Stephanie Drake
By Shari Eubank
By Donald and Wyonna Forrest
By Marty Forrest
By Scott and Celia Herod
By Richard Hoover
By Bruce and Marcia Howes
By Mary Jackson
By Dick and Janis Maxwell
By Fern McKinley
By Dracy and Denise Pendleton
By Patricia Reynolds
By Robert and Linda Ritter
By Tyler and Sarah Roth
By Eileen Schroeder
By Ellie and William Tracy
By Frank and Sara Wrestler

John and Shirley Jones
By Norma Anderson

Elizabeth Kiss
By Janet Whittington

R.W. Lamkin
By Irene Lamkin

Martha Lattimore
By Alice Wiedrich

Robert Little
By Donna Little

Earl Livingood
By Kenneth Timmons

Kenny Lockhart
By Marge Stout

Nancy McDonald
By Tower Hill UMC

Betty Musk
By William E. Musk

Dottie Nickell
By John Tollensdorf

Rosann Noel
By Mark and Kathy Cushing
By Phyllis and Kyle Robeson

Terry O'Neal
By Roy Van Buskirk

Laura Pollack
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Sandra Porter
By Marge Stout

Jan Reeves
By Murl and Rhonda Kimmel

Ronald Reznicek
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Charles Romshek
By Pam Bowsher

Vern and Beulah Russell
By Ed and Sue Collins

Janet Simmons
By Ralph Simmons

Colby Sims
By Marilyn Faulkner

Pauline C. Stoltz
By Betty Stoltz

Rachael Sullivan
By Veronica Accardo
By Mary Sue and Tony Alonso
By Jennifer Ambrose
By Scott and Lynn Anderson
By Bank Champaign, N.A.
By Mildred Barnett
By Nancy Bell
By Sara and Todd Black
By J.D. Byrider Champaign and Bloomington
By Broeren Russo Construction
By Joseph Casserly
By Dean and Bridget Clausen
By Cozad Asset Management
By Robert and Elizabeth Curran
By Joseph and Sheila Dively
By Ken Elmore
By First National Bank of Litchfield
By Peter and Kim Fox
By Charles and Marcia Franklin
By Rusty and Jill Freeland
By Tom Fritzlen
By Jean Gillespie
By Greg and Kim Grady
By Dana Gray
By Joe and Helen Hallbeck
By Andrea Harrington
By Susan and Greg Heiser
By Paul and Abby Hobbs
By Virginia Holder
By Cheryl and BJ Honeycutt
By Rosemary Karich
By The Katsion Family
By Jim and Anne Kearns
By Scott and Dierdre Kemper
By Bill and Deb Klein
By Barb and Dave Kuhl
By Sheila and Joe Lamb
By Rhea and David Lawrence
By Carolyn Long
By Martin Hood LLC
By Rebecca McBride
By Paul McIntire
By Mary McMahon
By Jean Meislahn
By Allan Muchin
By John and Mimi Newman
By Dick Noel
By David Ogdon
By Jennifer Pearson
By Gregory Petry
By Caroline Phelps
By Kim and Keith Pillischafske
By Jane Piper
By Mary Pittman
By Terri and Morgan Powell
By John and Liz Regan
By Phyllis and Kyle Robeson
By Daniel and Karen Rock
By Suzanne Rock
By Susan and Kent Sands
By Alice and Peter Schaaf
By Christopher and Rachel Schrepferman
By David Schuster
By Seward Book Club
By Marsha and Jon Shapland
By Barbara Sheridan
By Daniel Sholem
By Sonya and Mike Sholem
By Jeanene and Rick Stephens
By Jonathon and Kendra Stewart
By Ann Tinsman
By Lisa Tousignant
By Artemis Trebellas
By Roy Van Buskirk
By Helen Vedder
By Ann and Rick Wampler
By Sue Young
By Suzanne and Charlie Younger

Ruth Venezia
By Gail Adams
By Dorothy Aydt
By C.J. Ballantini
By Carroll and Marcella Bates
By Jack and Shirley Bierman
By Pat Dillow
By Kathleen Eller and Family
By Jerry and Susan Fletcher
By Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ford
By Bob and Patti Hahn
By Steve and Mary Jane Hardy
By Gerald and Nancy Hiltibidal
By Ann Hodgson
By Jeanne Horner
By Mike and Sue Hoyt
By Marlon and Betsy Huls
By Lester and Amy Mainer
By Merrill Mims
By Jim and Linda Moergen
By Myra Owens
By Steve and Penny Picken
By Sharon Pierjok
By David and Linda Poole
By Martha Sue and Sonny Sanders
By Ronald and Karen Shelton
By Susan Thompson
By Linda VanalstBy Phillip Venezia
By Diana Walta
By Wheat Ridge UMW
By Rod and Kay White
By Delbert and Sonya Wimberly
By Eleanor Wynn

Billy Williams
By Marilyn Williams

Carol Wright
By Barbara and Nelson Wright

Mary Yearsley
By Judy and Kenneth Landeck