Memorial Gifts, July 1 , 2017 - December 31, 2017

Memorial Gifts, July 1 , 2017 - December 31, 2017

Elnathan Anderson
By Marilyn Mendenhall

Janet Anderson
By AFO Operations Inc./ Autumn Fields
By Brenda Anderson
By Christine Belles
By Neil and Joyce Belles
By Champaign First UMC
By Pat and Bob Davis
By Carol Elston
By Robert and Mary Ann Espeseth
By Larry Johnson
By Alvin and Mary Klein
By Susan Krumm
By Cloydia Hill Larimore
By Roberta Lindstrand
By Anne and Jasper McKenney
By Kent and Marlene Mitchell
By James and Carol Neilson
By Janice Siuts
By Melissa Swanson
By Suzanne and Herbert Thompson
By Urbana Wesley UMW
By Women's Community Friendship Club

The Bethmann Family in Heaven
By Jim and Jacque Bethmann

Winifred Baum
By Carolyn and Robert Ottum

Glenn Bierwirth
By Jim and Marlene Eeten

Erin Block
By Gail and Don Block
By Robert and Mary Ann Espeseth
By Arnetta Rodgers
By Kenneth and Joan Sensenbrenner

Tom Burrus
By Marcy Burrus

Bradford Caldwell
By Dorothy Caldwell
By Ed and Sue Collins
By J.C. Caroline
By Barbara Kammer

Donald Chapman
By Erwin and Linda Arends

Clark R. Christiansen
By Wilma R. Christiansen

James Cokel
By Ellen and Kent Poulter

Shane P. Cole
By Roger and Gail Cole

Dick Dalton
By Darlene Taylor

Virginia Davis
By James and Barbara Downs

Matthew Debolt
By Marvin and Linda Debolt

Phyllis Duff
By Betty and Edward Kmoch

Paul and Dorothy Ege
By Darlene Gehant

Theresa Elliott
By Eva and Homer Adele

Virginia Fegan
By Joan Giroux
By Kay Green
By Mary and Bradley Stockert
By Patricia Stockert

Paula Ferguson
By Vera and William Barber

Becky Fox 
By Savoy UMW

Brenda Garvin
By Frank Garvin

Richard Gay
By Patricia Gay

Jim Golubow
By Laurie Girand and Scott McGregor

Ethel Grant
By Mavis Grant-Lilley

Violet Gronlund
By Janis Kile

Panzi Hamilton
By Sue and Ron Kiddoo

Betsy Harlow
By Faith Circle of Emmanuel Zion

Anita Holt
By Eric and Stacey Barnes
By Dr. Richard and Judy Baylor
By Gail and Don Block
By Dalal Browne
By MiMi Cozad
By Deanna Cunningham
By Walter and Londa Dewey
By Viviana Dinucci
By Norman Endsley
By Donald Hansen
By Helen Holt
By Kelly Holt
By Sandy and Ed Hynds
By Allan and Michelle Jacobs
By Carol and John Kamerer
By Olga Karmelowicz
By Heather Linnevers
By David Murphy
By Arthur and Phyllis Parrish
By Arnetta Rodgers
By Jennifer Rodgers
By Paul Shankman
By Midge Wallace
By Suzanne Younger

Delpha Huffman
By Virginia Ammons
By Lee and Nancy Apperson
By Carole Bradshaw
By Stacy Butler
By David and Joyce Clark
By Susan and Terry Edwards
By Krystal Fitzpatrick
By Carol Geist
By Connie Gummadi
By Viki Hawley
By William Huffman
By Kimberli Nolen
By Christine Patton
By Karen Souder
By George Stone
By David Thomas
By Susan Thomas
By William and Ruth Walker

Chris Johnson
By Burdett Johnson

Donald Johnson
By Evelyn LaFollette

Donald Kanaga
By Judy Kanaga

Ruth R. Kiddoo
By Sue and Ron Kiddoo

Kenneth Kammeier
By Karen Kammeier

Faye Koertge
By Samuel and Helen Kershaw

Roger Kreiser
By Marcia and Pete Kreiser

Bonita L. Lange
By Richard E. Anderson
By Harold Lange

Betty Lawrence
By Joan Anderson

Juanita Mann
By Caron and Greg Yates

Donald Marcy
By Catherine Marcy

Mae C. Mascher
By Mary Logullo

Lucille Massock
By Patricia L. Johnson

Virginia G. Maxwell
By Douglas and Sheryl Maxwell

Donald McCall
By David McCall

Russell Meyer
By Linda Meyer

Kenneth Moore
By Emily Moore

Charlene Mulvaney
By Richard Mulvaney

Virginia Olges
By Sparta UMW

Eric M. Olson
By Max and Marilyn Olson

Alana Peterson
By James and Ann Wright

Elaine Pittenger
By Carl and Lisa Herman
By Dorothy and Kent Kipling
By Phyllis Toland

Phyllis F. Rippey
By Donnis Hobson

Margaret S. Roberts
By Mathias and Carol Schramer

James E. Roland
By Jeff and Marlene Leonard

David Rose
By Loisann Comer
By Olmsted UMW

Gale Salzman
By Marge Stout

Glenn Scrader
Marylin Henegar

Colby Sims
By Marilyn Faulkner

Shirley Snowden
By Bruce and Julie Cordell

Della F. Staley
By Karleen Dude

Jeanie Stewart
By Tina Brown

Catherine A. Stiarwalt
By Joan Streibel

Virginia H. Swearingen
By Sandra Swearingen

Tao Tsou
By Tiffany Tsou

Wes Veitch
By Bernard and Constance Hinkle

Richard Ward
By Patricia and Thomas Murdoch

Frances Webb
By Mary Webb

Richard and Phyllis Williams
By Reverend David Gaffron and Barbara Gaffron

Robert Yaw
By Betty Yaw