Memorial Gifts, October 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018

Memorial Gifts, October 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018

Jeanne Abbott
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Hazel Ackerman
By Sharon Ackerman

Everett Belote
By Roger and Pam Eagle

Charlette Bennett
By Faith Circle of Emmanuel Zion

Tom Berns
By Berns Clancy & Associates

Loralice Blakeley
By Marvin and Joyce Dillon

Glenn Bierwirth
By Jim and Marlene Eeten

Erin Block
By Robert and Mary Ann Espeseth
By Mary and Frederick Preston
By Arnetta Rodgers
By Kenneth and Joan Sensenbrenner

Robert Bowsher
By Dan and Debby Miksta

Helen Brown
By Stephen and Brenda Shoaff

Jack Burns
By Connie and Jim Boyle
By Steven Burns
By Mike and Michael Fuoss
By Alice Wiedrich

James Cokel
By Ellen and Kent Poulter

Shane P. Cole
By Roger and Gail Cole

Virginia Coykendall
By Camargo UMW

Brenda Crum
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Amber Ehler
By David and Julie Ehler

Betty Ficklin
By Helen Woods

Gloria Foley
By Sandra Barcus
By Joe and Anamary Bicknell
By Maria Bohnsack
By David Bowers
By David and Ann Carr
By Howard and Terri Carr
By Carolyn Casteel
By Richard and Connie Casteel
By Alan and Linda Clark
By G.G. Dalluge
By Amanda Dickens-Montgomery
By Dean and Nancy Dolan
By Sally Duncan
By Dale and Margery Elliott
By David and Debra Floyd
By Michael Foley
By Sandy and Jerry Friesner
By Jessie Fyffe
By Thomas Gallion
By Leslie Harrison
By Susan Hawbecker
By Lisa Kamm
By John Keck
By Margaret Madden
By Fred and Ann McCullough
By Pamela and Richard Murphy
By Patricia Parr
By Sara and Dirk Peterson
By Cindy Richardson
By Timothy and Clarice Singer
By Marge Stout
By Elaine Wampler
By Nancy and Douglas Wildman
By Lovington UMC Quilters
By Moultrie County Beacon Inc.
By Dawn and Bob Yuhas

Larry Gaither
By Irma Gaither

Winn and Alma Girber
By Mary Howard

Floyd and Ethel Grant
By Mavis Grant

Cecil Grove
By Sarah and Michael Ogdon

Jay Hageman
By Nancy and Herbert Aden
By Nancy and Larry Anders
By Glen and Esther Anderson
By Reid and Jean Anderson
By Sharon Bard
By John Bertucci
By John and Pamela Brewer
By Lisa Bueter
By Martha and Larry Burris
By William Campion
By Julie and Greg Catlett
By Central Illinois Mutual Insurance Co
By Brenda and Nathan Cheney
By John and Judy Chestnut
By Don and Irma Clem
By Don Clements
By Kenda and Thomas Condron
By Don and Harriett Cress
By Lorene Cress
By Ron and Dorothy Curtis
By James Darr
By Robert Davison
By Doug Downs Farm
By Robert Downs
By Charlene and Kent Durbine
By Lisa Dyer
By Eastern Illini Electric
By Terry Elston
By Dale and Jan English
By Farm Credit Services
By Louise Fellman
By Nicole Feltz
By Joe and Janet Ford
By Marjorie Foster
By Melinda Fourez
By Murray Franzer
By Connie Fritz
By Jay Frye
By George and Jill Furnish
By Barbara and Robert Gerdes
By Jed Gerdes
By Carol Ghiselli
By Shirley and Joe Glick
By Lindsey and Cole Grafton
By Ralph and Phyllis Haas
By Tracy Hageman
By Judy and Gary Hall
By Panzi Hamilton
By Sam Hawkins
By Hefty Seed Georgetown
By Callie and Benjamin Heidbreder
By Carolyn Leach and Cathy Henschen
By Lynn Hilgendorf
By Nancy Hodge
By Glenn and Wanda Hoevet
By John and Laurie Holmes
By Daryl and Christine Huffstutler
By William Hughes
By Larry and Rujean Ince
By Jacqueline Joines
By Sue and Ron Kiddoo
By Jenny and Chris Kirschner
By Mehetabel and Brian Kirschner
By Sandra and John Kirschner
By Linda and Kent Krukewitt
By Deborah Larew
By Chad and Jessica Larimore
By Janet Larsen
By Margaret Lies
By Casey Long
By Harold Loy
By Brenda and Paul Luedke
By Annette and Larry Luth
By Gary and Vickie Luth
By Jeri Luth
By Kathryn Luth
By Kent and Vicki Luth
By Robert and Janice MacDonald
By Steve and Linda Magill
By Kendra Manselle
By Sandra Martin
By Deborah and Charles McGee
By Steve Meenen
By Jerry Messman
By Paul Messman
By Messman Brothers
By Jeff Miles
By Shirley and Norman Miller
By Kasey and Kevin Moore
By Gail and Jack Morrison
By Matthew Moss
By Kathleen Munday
By Ruth Ann Nelson
By Myla and A.E. Nichols
By Debra and Thomas Nolen
By Paul Compton Farms
By Craig Pessman
By James Phillips
By Roy and Janet Plote
By Lynn and Karla Podoll
By Julie and Steven Price
By Prospect Bank
By Carolyn and Clifford Puzey
By Laurie and David Quick
By Pam Ristow
By Dorothy Rogers
By Keith Rohl
By Martha and Charles Rohl
By Rohrscheib Farms
By Lana and James Sanstrom
By Jean Saritas
By Ruth Sattazahn
By Marilyn Schulze
By Robbins Schwartz
By Siv Schwink
By Shelby Electric Cooperative
By M. Jeanne Shortz
By Sidell Agri-Services, Inc.
By Bob and Wanda Siuts
By Julie Slater
By Stephen Smith
By Ron and Patti Starr
By Dawn Stiegman
By Judith and Darrell Struck
By Sharon Struck
By Steve Stumborg
By Bill and Ork Taylor
By Brian and MonicaTaylor
By Mary and Richard Taylor
By Terri Thomas
By Town And Country Beauty Shop
By Brandy Trisler
By Diane and Thomas Twork
By Ralph Underwood
By Bobby and Charles Walker
By Mark and Barbara Willard
By Julie Wilson

Bill Harrison
By Helen Harrison

Rick Hawkins
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Ruth Hoppin
By Drs. Donald and Elizabeth Greeley
By Terry and Cherie Lock

Annie Johnson
By Linda and James Johnson

Ruth R. Kiddoo
By Sue and Ron Kiddoo

Lawrence and Margaret Korte
By Geri and James Holland

Roger Kreiser
By Marcia and Pete Kreiser

R.W. Lamkin
By Irene Lamkin

Robert Little
By Donna Little

Earl Livingood
By Kenneth Timmons

Bev Long
By Karen Winn

Eleanor Long
By Alice Staley
By State Farm Companies Foundation
By Martha Zimmerman

Richard Loyd
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Mae C. Mascher
By Mary Logullo

Duane McConkey
By Mary McConkey

Lorrie McDonald
By Anne Condon

Parents of Leonard & Dorothy McIntyre
By Gerald and Norma Boston

Jack and Mary Moore
By Jack Moore

Charlene Mulvaney
By Richard Mulvaney

Elizabeth Natelborg
By Pamela J. Moore

Ruth Newman
By Sharon Ackerman

Rosann Noel
By Brian Anderson
By James Barham
By Roger and Sara Burrus
By Matthew and Carli Cade
By Champaign Asphalt Company
By Emmanuel Memorial Episcopal Church
By Ben and Shari Fox
By Danny and Cheri Gieseke
By Karel Green
By Virginia Holder
By Patricia Jensen
By Jim and Ruth Jesso
By Sharla Jolly and Rocky Franklin
By Sheila Lamb
By Mary McMahon
By Harold Moe and Carol Moe
By Dennis Muncy
By August Myer
By Kip and Janet Pope
By Pribble Crop Insurance Agency
By Ronald and Susan Siebert
By Jeanene and Rick Stephens
By Cathy and Paul Thurston
By Cynthia and R. Bruce Wellman
By Sue Young

Paul Nornholm
By Carol Nornholm

Ed Odom
By Martha Olsen

Lou Pattengale
By Suzanne and Herbert Thompson

Don Pittman
By Judith and Roger Corray
By Judith and L. Deane Trumble

Edna Price
By Jo Jordan

Mildred Richardson
By Jacksonville Wesley Chapel UMW

Dorothy Riley
By Margaret J. Ford

Jean Roberts
By Marge Stout

Margaret S. Roberts
By Marjorie and Steven Beilstein
By Karen Beilstein

James E. Roland
By Jeff and Marlene Leonard

Beulah Russell
By Ed and Sue Collins

Jane Schweizer
By Melanie Mader and James Paul

Mike Shelby
By Dr. Bruce Sammons

V. Maxine Simeral
By Bruce and Julie Cordell

Colby Sims
By Marilyn Faulkner

Keith Smith
By Delores Ashley
By David Bookhout
By Janet and Gary Conant
By Karen Sue Davis
By Reverend Michael Ebersohl and Laurel Ebersohl
By Marion and Gail Harmon
By Jane and Kenneth Heinzmann
By William and Joyce Hodges
By James and Nancy Howard
By Lynn and Mark Larimer
By Judith McCarty
By Ann and Richard McCullum
By Jeremy Redeker
By Wayne and Barbara Shanafelt
By Irlene Vogel
By Jeanie and William Walters
By Pisces Pools & Spas Inc.

Mary Stagen
By Donald Stagen

Tom Stephens
By Lynette Barnett
By Carl and Georgann Borngasser
By Joyce Brewer
By Marilyn and Thomas Edwards
By Marilyn and Gary Elliott
By Janene and Dennis Gragg
By Karen and Norman Harms
By Loren and Mary Hodgson
By Deborah Kaisner
By Lorraine Kammermann
By Linda and John Martin
By Lena Nickrent
By Ronald Rinkenberger
By Mathias and Carol Schramer
By Jane Steidinger
By Carolyn Stephens
By Teresa and Michael Trainor
By Don and Jan Wills
By Palen Farms
By TSC Truck, Inc

Dorothy Stickman
By Charles H. Stickman, Jr.

Cleo Syrkel
By Joyce and Ronald Formhals

John Tarr
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Ten Sisters
By Ardis and Larry Larvick

Barbara Unger
By Reverend Paul Unger and Judith Unger

Autumn Unruh
By Pattonsburg Christian Church

Michael Vanasdale
By Linda and Rowan Colwell

Phyllis Van Buskirk
By Roy Van Buskirk

Beverly Walker
By Alliance Chapter NSDAR

Marianna Walker
By Diane Zell

Sarah G. Warnick
By Bill and Sharon Nunn

Mary Yard
By Patricia Langenberg

Robert Yaw
By Betty Yaw