Memorial Gifts, September 1, 2020 - February 28, 2021

Memorial Gifts, September 1, 2020 - February 28, 2021

Jeanne Abbott
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Glenn Barker
By Roy Harris

Gary Bass
By Connie Barton

Everett Belote
By Roger and Pam Eagle

Glenn Bierwirth
By Jim and Marlene Eeten

Wanda Billitier
By Karen and William Horn

Erin Block
By Robert and Mary Ann Espeseth
By Arnetta Rodgers
By Kenneth and Joan Sensenbrenner

Nonie Bolinger
By Cerro Gordo UMW
By Becky Jones
By Suzanne and Herbert Thompson

Esther Boward
By Ellen Robinson

Larry Bradley
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Erin Broadrick
By Mary Lou and James Marlow

Robert W. Brown
By Anna Armstrong

Jack Burns
By Steven Burns

Ken Burrus
By Lale and Michael Schram
By C. William and Nancy Zander

Maxine Chapin
By Mattoon First UMW

Gertrude Clapper
By Judy Reinhart

James Cokel
By Ellen and Kent Poulter

Patty Cravens
By Patty Cravens

Gladys Cronister
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Brenda Crum
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Frances Dague
By Nada Icenogle

Peggy Daley Watts
By Debbie and Jerry Lueck

Irene Louise Dillavou
By Michele Dillavou

Laura Dawn Edwards
By Marilyn and Thomas Edwards

Amber Ehler
By David and Julie Ehler

Allan Faulkner
By Marilyn Faulkner

Lloyd Foster
By Marilyn Foster
By Terry and Patricia Lancaster
By Jim and Elizabeth Saelins

Louise Fruhling
By Middlefork UMW

Joan Garmon
By Cropsey UMW

Floyd Gordon
By Mary Henson

Ethel Grant
By Mavis Grant-Lilley

Judy Ann Grotte
By Dalton City UMC

Elmer C. Hawkins
By Virginia and Thomas McQuistion

Martha Z. Hecker
By John and Barbara Hecker

Lou Henson
By Nancy and Jim Bell
By Dorothy Damewood
By Richard Green
By Jeff and Marsha Hacker
By Kevin and Carol Huffman
By Gayle and Joe Mangieri
By Michael P. McCuskey
By Annmarie Morris-Brantner
By Dena Myers
By Pelle Medical Skincare
By Cheryl and William Thompson

Phyllis Hieronymus
By Laura and Gregory Delost
By Karen and Cleve Karch
By Colleen Manuel
By Dick and Janis Maxwell
By Gregory Petry
By Karla Ruch
By Susan Sankins
By Roth and Bryce Zacharias

Georgiana Houser
By Bob and Juanita Brown
By Richard and Peggy Browne
By Laura and Gregory Delost
By Steven and Patricia Eaton
By Verna Ferguson
By Charles and Gloria French
By Sandra Graham
By Susan Gray
By Mary Joan Kaliher
By Nancy Parker
By Nancy Schaefer
By Gloria and Kevin Schick
By Mike and Judy Wallace

Jane Jenkins
By Van and Eva Anderson
By Jeanette Benner
By Carriage Crossing of Arcola
By Dean and Marvelle Cole
By William and Joyce Dewey
By Jon and Teresa Jenkins
By Dianne and Billy Murphy
By Thomas and Diane Sherman
By Tina and Craig VanDeveer

Darlene Jones
By Stephen and Rebecca Davis Franke
By Barbara Friend
By Kathy and Stephen Gossard
By Carolyn and Ron Hofbauer
By Marianne Johnson
By Lloyd and Carolyn Johnston
By Carolyn Yockey

Kenneth Kammeier
By Karen Kammeier

Eugene Klendworth
By Lila Klendworth

Roger Kreiser
By Marcia and Pete Kreiser

Robert Little
By Donna Little

Marilyn Logan
By Lola Ball
By Harold and Karen Beckner
By Linda and Jay Davis
By David and Linda Griesemer
By Richard and Carolyn Henderson
By Cathy Henschen and Carolyn Leach
By Danell Kreher
By Phil and Laura Martin
By Carol Milkrut
By Norma Thompson
By A. Doris Walker
By Phyllis Warrick

Larry Long
By Donald and Margaret Kimmel

Joann Lovejoy
By Jeanette Ross

Jeane Mayhall
By St. Francisville UMC

Naomi E. Miller family that I've lost
By Naomi E Miller

Tim Moore
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Charlene Mulvaney
By Richard Mulvaney

Elizabeth Natelborg
By Pamela J. Moore

Joe Nixon
By Clinton UMC

Rosann Noel
By Patricia Jensen

Nyle Norris
By Mary Beth Norris

Ed Odom
By Karop and Marilyn Bavougian

Cliff Pennington
By Judy Kay and Keith Bess

Don Pittman
By Dudley and Tracy Buck
By Ruth Etherton
By Nancy and Terence Fielden
By Loda UMC

Margaret S. Roberts
By Karen Beilstein

James E. Roland
By Jeff and Marlene Leonard

Stephen Schaefer
By Shirley Schaefer

Alan Schultze
By Michael and Rona Eyer

William Sherfey
By JoAnne Allen
By Jeff and Deb Bristle
By Raymond and Kay Houtzel
By Steve and Carol Kurtenbach
By Mrs. Sue Saxsma
By Roger and Marcia Scherr
By William Sherfey
By Arturo Steely
By Catherine and Brian Steidinger

Colby Sims
By Marilyn Faulkner

Helen Singleton
By Beverly Ann Williams

John F. Smith
By Brent Burdge
By Karen and William Ettinger
By Susan and Duane Goyen
By Mary Unterberg
By Jerry and Linda Wright

Shirley Snowden
By Bruce and Julie Cordell

Victoria Staten
By Henry and Susan Cronister

Dorothy Stickman
By Sharon Stickman

Pauline C. Stoltz
By Betty Stoltz

Zachary Straight
By Tim and Nancy Barber

Virginia H. Swearingen
By Sandra Swearingen

Claire Taylor
By Theresa and Mike Ryan

Mike Terstriep
By Bruce Cook
By Dale and Deb Copher
By Pam Parker
By Joan and Michael Sargent
By Village of Savoy
By Richard Schicht
By William and Ruth Studley
By M. Jean and Rex Tracy

Seth Unruh
By Advanced Asphalt Co.
By Terri Allen
By Tim and Nancy Barber
By Brent and Danielle Birkeland
By Kevin and Crystal Carrithers
By Gail and Tracy Divan
By Mary Gerdes
By Marsha Holland
By Kelsey Janssen
By LeAnne and George Moritz
By Terry and Carol Renfrow
By Brian and Megan Rolfs
By Pamela and Jeremy Schreck
By Gloria Jean and William Shafer

Michael Vanasdale
By Linda and Rowan Colwell

Tom and Marian Vilardo
By Sara and Todd Black
By Broeren Russo Construction
By Chittick Family Eye Care
By Commerce Bank
By Danna and Joe Corley
By Jack and Judy DeAtley
By Gregory Douglas
By Marsha and Pete Elmer
By Mary Fortune
By William and Misty Fricke
By Lyn and Mike Jones
By John and Beth Katsinas
By Charles and Janice Olson
By Gregory Petry
By Carolyn Phebus
By Lawrence and Ellen Roessler
By Charlie and Janice Rohn
By Susan Stewart
By Lisa Tonner
By Thomas Vilardo
By Karen Wilund

Grace Waelde
By John Waelde

Jim Webb
By Mary Webb

Art Webb
By Mary Webb

Karma Webel
By Perry UMC

Phyllis Williams
By Reverend David and Barbara Gaffron

Betty Yaw’s parent
By Betty Yaw

Kelly Young
By Ray and Jane Young